Felicitas Adrian

Felicitas is the founding Chair of the Board of Be The Choice.  She has spent over 17 years as a leader in branding, fundraising, marketing and stakeholder engagement, driving innovation and integration in national healthcare, humanitarian aid and educational organizations following a corporate marketing career with some of Canada’s largest financial institutions. Most recently, Felicitas served as Vice President, Marketing and Communications of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada, where she helped to drive and integrate the organizations digital ecosystem to deliver higher performance both in terms of patient education and engagement as well as e–philanthropy and revenue diversification. Felicitas also served as Vice President of Fund Development and Communications of Christian Children’s Fund of Canada where she led a national interdisciplinary team of 13, to diversify revenue and grow impact, including the leadership and start-up of the organizations first major giving program. Felicitas has also served as Marketing & Membership Director with the CSI Global Education (formerly the Canadian Securities Institute) where she spearheaded a partnership with Junior Achievement to deliver financial literacy programs to Grade 7 & 8 students by the Fellows of the Institute. She helped restructure and rebuild the service model of the MedicAlert Foundation Canada as its Director of Marketing and Membership, into the e-health information sphere, with what is now known as an emergency electronic health record, tied to a well-known, globally accessible MedicAlert emblem. Outside of “work” Felicitas volunteered in a humanitarian aid orphan project in Swaziland, a country plagued by the world’s highest HIV infection rate. More recently she leveraged a trekking adventure on the Inca trails to Machu Picchu in Peru to raise funds and visibility for blood cancer research.