Our Vision

Be the Choice wants to shed light on breast cancer treatment options, show the connections between those decisions, and help breast cancer patients to understand and explore their healthcare choices.

Cancer doesn’t have to be something that happens to you. We believe that knowledge is power – and so is participation. This site aims to start a conversation between you and your loved ones, and between you and your physicians, that will enable you to actively engage in your treatment. It’s a better way to choose.

We aim to deliver a breast cancer decision tool that:

  • Provides a visually comprehensive picture of the full range of treatments and pathways, based on the best available evidence, including scientific studies and clinical experience.
  • Promotes a personalized and empowered approach to treatment decision-making among patients, their loved ones, and their medical providers.
  • Supports the needs of patients, family and friends, and cancer care centres by providing resources and data, in a flexible and portable tool, that can be used for cancer health-related decision making.
  • Generates public discussion around breast cancer treatment needs and opportunities.