Our Story

We’re survivors, doctors, patients. We’ve been there, are there, or are experts in the field.

Be the Choice was founded in September 2012 by Melanie Adrian, Robin Beasley, and a team of dedicated volunteers. Melanie and Robin had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and had become intimately familiar with the cancer health care system in Ontario.


They shared similar experiences with the lack of information regarding breast cancer treatment options and envisioned a tool that would help patients and their loved ones learn the basics about breast cancer, understand treatment possibilities, identify what a comprehensive treatment path looks like, and be connected to a larger community.



They gathered together a team of experts in breast cancer research and medicine, with whom they conceptualized and developed a unique Decision Tree.  The Decision Tree is designed to promote opportunities for patients to have interactive and informed conversations with medical professionals and family members regarding their breast cancer treatment expectations and outcomes, and to create a platform through which patients can become empowered by being aware of all available options.

Welcome to the BTC Treatment Decision ToolHave you or someone you love recently received a diagnosis of breast cancer?

Whether you received a diagnosis yesterday or three months ago, you are likely dealing with an upheaval in your life as you’ve known it. Perhaps you have also started the process of meeting with your doctors to discuss what treatment options are available, and which therapies (or combination of therapies) will be the best for you. It is a lot of information to sort through and make sense of.

So we’re here to help.

The team at Be the Choice are a diverse group of women and men who have had experiences with a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Some of us have undergone treatment for breast cancer, some of us have provided care for a loved one who has been through treatment, and some of us are physicians and other health care professionals who provide treatment to breast cancer patients.

United in our concern that all people who receive a diagnosis of breast cancer should have access to comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatment information in a comfortable and user-friendly format, we designed this interactive treatment decision tool.

How to use:

Your diagnosis of breast cancer has come with an assessment of your unique clinical and hormonal characteristics. These should be carefully discussed with your medical team and deliberated carefully in advance of any treatment decisions.

This tool will enable you to get to know the “big picture” as well as the “individual picture” behind any breast cancer treatment decision, and to become an active participant in determining your own treatment process. You are the ultimate decision-maker in this process. We hope that you will use the information on this website to inform and empower yourself.

What this tool is not designed to do is deliver individual treatment recommendations. It should be used as a way to get a sense of the full range of treatments available to you as well as what your own treatment plan might look like given your unique profile.