Our Story

We’re survivors, doctors, patients. We’ve been there, are there, or are experts in the field.

Be the Choice was founded in September 2012 by Melanie Adrian, Robin Beasley, and a team of dedicated volunteers. Melanie and Robin had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and had become intimately familiar with the cancer health care system in Ontario.


They shared similar experiences with the lack of information regarding breast cancer treatment options and envisioned a tool that would help patients and their loved ones learn the basics about breast cancer, understand treatment possibilities, identify what a comprehensive treatment path looks like, and be connected to a larger community.



They gathered together a team of experts in breast cancer research and medicine, with whom they conceptualized and developed a unique Decision Tree.  The Decision Tree is designed to promote opportunities for patients to have interactive and informed conversations with medical professionals and family members regarding their breast cancer treatment expectations and outcomes, and to create a platform through which patients can become empowered by being aware of all available options.